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accelerated improved selling more selling faster more conversions

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Prospect leads in more quality and quantity
Use software to increase volume
Draft compelling sales copy
Qualify prospects with more accuracy
Sell effectively to different personality types
Increase conversions from demo to active trials
Communicate more convincingly
Overcome objections
Close more deals, faster

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Why fourLetter training?

You want to improve your sales performance and close more deals. The biggest challenge in changing sales performance is applying theory to day-to-day selling activities.

How we do it?


Around 50% of learned content is forgotten within 5 weeks. To maximize how much your sales team learns, we recommend 60-minute training sessions 1-2 times weekly with one-on-one coaching 1x monthly.

Training Formats

  • Topic focused presentations & discussions
  • Problem-solving workshops
  • Role Practice and reinforcement via group setting and one-on-one coaching sessions

Sales Methodologies

No one method or process is perfect for every sales team. So we use the most effective parts of the following training to personalize your sales team’s growth and get rid of the stuff that’s fluff.

Ideal for companies with 3 - 30 sales reps

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